1. It Transfers & Grows

  2. Dream Full of Dreams

  3. I'm Capitalizing On Christmas

  4. Jaundiced Views (SomeBodyParts/Sharks' Teeth Split Cassette)

  5. Lantern Slides

  6. Gazebo

  7. Wearing Jeans, Reading Fiction

  8. Emotional Reaction

  9. Solarium

  10. In Between the Sneezes

  11. Wissenschaftslehre or Our House

  12. Wissenschaftslehre IV or Opinion Crisis

  13. Karma Decay

  14. Life Transformation

  15. Wissenschaftslehre III or Biggest Picture or Vicissitudes of Love

  16. Wissenschaftslehre II or Hot Springs

  17. Balcony Ep

  18. Alcove

  19. Loft ep

  20. Jade Oscilloscope Screen

  21. Time Barrier

  22. Compassion Fatigue

  23. Reflections In The Lagoon

  24. They're Your Promises

  25. Temporal Spirit ( (with Steve'd Mondo) )

  26. Giovanni's Broom

  27. Basement Ep

  28. At This Point On Earth

  29. Sharks' Teeth LTD Expansion Pack 2001

  30. Such People

  31. June on Jupiter

  32. Smoky Light / Visible Darkness

  33. More Time

  34. Atrium Ep

  35. Deep Ecology (who influenced whom to say what when?)

  36. Ethical Consumption

  37. Attic Ep

  38. While the Sun Sets / On My Screen

  39. Sex in Space (is a go)

  40. Quietly in Their Rooms

  41. Glossolalia


  43. Channel Islands

  44. You Got Stoned, I Didn't Leave You

  45. Conversation About Art

  46. ...and then Zang! Fiendish intensity, strange glow and vibrations

  47. Je Pense Que Je Suis Malade (Stendhal Syndrome)

  48. Wearable Space (with spoken word by Harold Camping)

  49. Christmas In Space

  50. Holistically Comfortable

  51. And though she left me here to perish, though she put beneath my feet a great howling pit of emptiness, The words that lie at the bottom of my soul leap forth and they light the shadows below me

  52. Willow (Atavistic Stigmata)

  53. Carried

  54. Sharks In Culture

  55. Grave

  56. Pine Cone

  57. Posted Up (Goliath)

  58. Deep Ecology (Chopped and Screwed)

  59. Front Porch Ep

  60. Family Radio

  61. Backyard Ep


Sharks' Teeth New Orleans, Louisiana

"It Transfers & Grows" Vinyl Available through Gigantic Noise at: giganticnoise.com
Cassette available through Community Records at communityrecords.org

Looking for that special someone? Do you have unanswered big existential questions about love, the universe, or your home decor situation? Look no further!
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