Sharks' Teeth New Orleans, Louisiana

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Looking for that special someone? Do you have unanswered big existential questions about love, the universe, or your home decor situation? Look no further!
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Track Name: Her Dissatisfaction Crystalized
it's not a contest
but it is the moment she sees you
your cousin's prom dress
is so easy to see through
inviting stares from the boys
and chaperons
leaving you there
13, alone
without a constant source of encouragement
you go to pieces
starting with your courage
to be alone
with your pain
in a magazine
you left the house
cause the closets there
only made you
cry for your childhood
and write a screenplay loosely based on it
exaggerate the pain you're in

is sleeping over
pretending she's
a grown woman
is so hung over
be glad you aren't
a grown woman

you read about your pain in a magazine
and left the house cause the closets there only made you

paige heard you crying in
the girls room and in the gym
she swears she wasn't
implying you're lame
useless coming of age assignment

notes from your mother
to jonathan
are in her hands
folded and covered
are in the way
you rediscover your innocence
all left away packed in the cupboard
next to the dishes