Loft ep

by Sharks' Teeth

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released December 24, 2010



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Sharks' Teeth New Orleans, Louisiana

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Looking for that special someone? Do you have unanswered big existential questions about love, the universe, or your home decor situation? Look no further!
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Track Name: Unpack
lucky us
afraid of what exist
you're too young
to sleep in churches
can you trust
what you cannot resist?
you wanted love
now there's too much of it

can't you tell i'm excited
to put an end to our arguing
guess now you're some kinda artist
always afraid nothing will happen
but don't you think it's important
to reach a comfortable age
before you get to unpacking
Track Name: In Churches
what a performance
i was affected
though at times i think you may have heard me laugh
how to describe this
without being too honest
what's the difference if i repent at death
one in a thousand
you sleep in churches
is it God or you you're trying to protect
what would you say if
missionary dating
though the difference is only in your head

and just out of habit
i start to fake it
all of my thoughts are not my own

into life with a purpose
to offer up some compliments at best
you put the work in
for morals and ethics
always focusing upon your fear of death
Track Name: Growing Room
blooming slow
you remind me so much of home
complain you don't deserve this
that no one else is perfect
i tried to leave us room to grow
don't complicate my future home
i thought that i'd be perfect
to float upon the surface

i remember getting home
to think of compliments that you don't know
crying out your eyelids
the night before you left for college
of course i have no idea what i'd want
to confident just to at least respond
i often need to be reminded
when i forget to be excited
Track Name: Missionary Dating
i think love
and what's more
it's important
though you already know what i'll say
i'm doing enough
but still bored
with your movement
though you probably planned it that way