Wearing Jeans, Reading Fiction

by Sharks' Teeth

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“There's more to life than books, you know. But not much more.”
― Morrissey


released September 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Sharks' Teeth New Orleans, Louisiana

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Looking for that special someone? Do you have unanswered big existential questions about love, the universe, or your home decor situation? Look no further!
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Track Name: Giovanni's Broom
handsome windsor
knot you made
through my collar
for a date
with your daughter
she always takes me away from
your windbreaker

in colored binders
notes i take
all remind her
the more you wait
i remember
oliver stayed in his make up
all december

we lock and stare
eyes in the mirror
you're wonderful
she doesn't know
she doesn't care
Track Name: Working With You
arguing more and more
i should ignore your
telling me i'm the
problem with everyone else
emptying all of your
insecurities in bar chords
or just bar floors
black listed from F&m's

why would a friend
try to hurt me
to get stronger
to feel better
is it working
is it worth the
feelings you hurt
or whatever
you can borrow
all my sweaters

part of being part of your
sarcastic humor
is shrugging off your retort
lately it's too personal

we're less involved
we're less involved
hurts to see in person
i'm glad to know
you made it home
all right
Track Name: Glass Rose
lsd and stoned
ketamine and blow
call me in the morning
stay hydrated
emily won't know
emily won't know
how to kill the morning
day tripping at home
chain smoking alone
these are not the problems
you should stick to pot
or at least just coke
anything but a glass rose
you got sick of asking
what's the point of it
Track Name: Claire and the Disappointments
I'm tense
it's not about you
you bought me
some turnips in june

i pretend
i'm 22
when you play me
all the young dudes

you're miserable
stop wasting
your time
on your parents
opinion of your life

i miss the most
your patience
for my
opinion of your life

careless smokers ashing on the carpet
claire just paints her nails in her apartment
everyone around me is impossible to be a part of

claire remembers private school and catholics
since november she's been disappointed
everyone around me is an artist
everyone around me is impossible to be a part of
i admit that sometimes
i can't deal with it by myself
to elicit professional help
seems boring

unopened white wine
still in your fridge
calling you last night
honest and so high
often the right mind
won't stay in your head

i'll deal with it
while you deal with it
for your entire life