by Sharks' Teeth

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for kevin, who i had a honor of visiting where the sun sets on america last winter. p.s. give me that orange juice LP like you promised


released May 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Sharks' Teeth New Orleans, Louisiana

"It Transfers & Grows" Vinyl Available through Gigantic Noise at:
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Looking for that special someone? Do you have unanswered big existential questions about love, the universe, or your home decor situation? Look no further!
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Track Name: That Was a Horrible Museum
innocent all the time
balanced and so kind
isn't your daughter wonderful?

in the shirt that you never wear
confessingly i'm scared
optimistic fight
that was a calm night
according to your dad
Track Name: It's Where, Together
How this embarrassing remark had covered you
and made me wish i wouldn't start the minute you are
your eyes start to say
i took it too far
but you laugh anyway
i'm meaning to stop
but how happy you'd make me if you came over

well meaning marks on a page remind me to
care less and guard what i say
and change a few parts
its an honest mistake
you're going through a dark and elegant phase
i'm here for you
are you busy today
or could you come over

even though my heart is brand new
it feels like
every time i fail i think of you
it won't come out as fair as songs do
in real life
i recall it's more important to
wake up when you
sleep through your alarm
and make dinner for you

stay if you are
off to a good start
your legs and torso
keep me warm
i embellish the parts
where you might nod off
everyone's sorrow
isn't ours
Track Name: Kafka on the Shore
alex leaves in may
he already told her
and fell asleep at eight
on top of the covers
melanie's awake
calling her sister
dying to explain
she's done this before

he's beginning to relate
to a person on a page you read in class
kafka or miller
mirror looking glass
indulging professor
melanie's a mess
another semester
another cigarette
but his grades are still fine
so i listen but don't say
you're in college
you're insane

i could swear i was meant for you even more
you can have me to yourself
i am someone
you should stay
i am already yours
fuck your letters
don't you love me anymore
Track Name: Posted Up
often i thought
maybe for love
i'd uncover our
circular thoughts
basically God
you on a cross
in pictures of
feelings i bought

nobody saw
paradise lost
everything fucked
Ca Plane Pour Moi
sick to my gut
pleasing to watch
only for once

as if i knew God
often read my thoughts
i refuse your love
i refuse your love
holy mountain top
or abuse of drugs
i refuse your love
to be posted up

six / thousand

devoted young
made to belong
keep on keepin' on
basically love
i lost control
only because
you carry my load

now im collecting dust
with the help of drugs
once i get enough
i refuse your love

too excited for the future
we should stay each other for a long
no one paints their perfect future in such simple colors
i adore you
all the time
now that nothing's wrong
nothing's wrong with us