Sharks' Teeth New Orleans, Louisiana

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Looking for that special someone? Do you have unanswered big existential questions about love, the universe, or your home decor situation? Look no further!
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Track Name: Chabanakongomuk
and i'll meet you in the middle
washing my face in the kitchen sink
rusted out guitars since i was little
washing my face for the future king
love what you love and go blind
whatever's gonna help you unwind
i throw away my favorite chains and i
pass time

to pour black water flask to my black water mask
reading days of the future past
maybe the future won't mind
late again you snuck into my room
brought the heat/warmth like you always do
all the shaking and all of the clues
but no one ever caught on to you

salt water taste that is lasting for days
laughing hard at your kingdom ways
watching the importance unwind
late again you went out with no shoes
kicking leaves like you always do
i think i'll stay in half time

so many important things
shaking my hands and then my knees
and someone's still laughing in the back of my mind
it keeps me circular all the time
Track Name: House Pride
and i woke up still drunk on a screened in back porch
and i thought of how much i hate thinking about divorce
lost in conversation
whatever feels like you again
then twelve beers later i thought he was gonna cry
said "where did all the beauty go while i was doing time"
beauty comes to those who sit
beauty left while i was sleeping in

we read the future out the palm of your hand
turned from a monument to a back woods man
and all of the compliments you don't understand
left us drunk in a soccer field at four a.m.

and i woke up still young to a new record label
and i thought what i'd done just to make it all tamable
in all those compliments you don't understand
left me in a soccer field at your command

so two drinks later
i left like a father
just to act like nothing happens
with my eye on the calendar
even in the winter
i wonder if i look like him
Track Name: One Of These Days I'm Gonna Get Orga-ni-zized
did you think it was all just a matter of time
until you'd find your place
well a dream can look lots of ways
do you think you'll dry off just by staying on the clothes line
i coulda told you by your face
tell your friends you won't remain

when i'm holding you
for the thousandth time
and i hold you back
all/just to treat you right
and you lift your head
just to fuck with my eyes
i'm so scared of death
when its organized

all your plans
are someone else's
but you hate your parents
and you shake like the rest of them
our first date
so nervous
but you shake on purpose
Track Name: I Just Don't Believe It
in a right of passage
exactly where is your apartment?
there is ease on you
there is ease on me